1970 T.F.S. Yearbook All


Page 001. School Picture(Color)
Page 002. Memorials and Dedications
Page 003. School Board
Page 004. Administration
Page 005. Rebel Banner Page
Page 006. Art Department and Business and Home Faculty
Page 007. Business and Foreign and Economics Faculty
Page 008. Guidance and English Faculty
Page 009. English and Science Faculty
Page 010. Math and Science Faculty
Page 011. Physical Education and Driver's Ed Faculty
Page 012. Social Science Faculty
Page 013. Cafeteria and Janitors
Page 014. Mansions of Memories
Page 015. The Prom
Page 016. Senior Student Council
Page 017. Junior and Sophomore Student Council
Page 018. Freshmen Representatives
Page 019. Homecoming Autumn Oddessey
Page 020. 1969 Homecoming Candidates
Page 021. 1969 Homecoming Coronation
Page 022. Communication Arts Organization
Page 023. International Thespian Society
Page 024. The Fantasticks
Page 025. Experiment in Theater
Page 026. Speech
Page 027. Janet Dillon Makes State Competition
Page 028. Play: Subway Circus
Page 029. More Dramatics
Page 030. Girl's Club
Page 031. Freshmen and Sophomore Boards
Page 032. Snowflakes and Sweethearts Dance
Page 033. Let Me Entertain You
Page 034. Distributive Education
Page 035. Diversified Occupations
Page 036. Office Occupations
Page 037. F.B.L.A.
Page 038. Future Teachers Association
Page 039. Future Nurses Club
Page 040. Foreign Languages
Page 041. French Club
Page 042. Spanish Club
Page 043. Latin Club
Page 044. Russian Club
Page 045. Science Club
Page 046. Key Club
Page 047. Chess Club and Ichthyological Society
Page 048. Bookstore and Clinic Assistants
Page 049. Dean's Office and English Office
Page 050. Guidance Office and Hall Monitors and Stooges
Page 051. General Office and Library Assistants
Page 052. Guidebook Staff and Rebel Rouser Staff
Page 053. Literary Arts and Ferrum
Page 054. Color Guard and Cadet Band
Page 055. Junior Varsity Band
Page 056. Varsity Band
Page 057. Varsity Band continued
Page 058. Triple Sextette and Double Sextette
Page 059. Meister Singers and Winter Concert
Page 060. Advanced Girls' Chorus
Page 061. Concert Choir and Freshmen Girls' Chorus
Page 062. Cheerleaders
Page 063. Sports Divider Page
Page 064. Varsity Cheerleaders
Page 065. Pep Club and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders
Page 066. Students in the Classrooms
Page 067. Lettermen's Club
Page 068. Rebel Varsity Football
Page 069. Rebel Varsity Football continued
Page 070. South Beats North in Football
Page 071. Sophomore and Freshmen Football
Page 072. Varsity Cross Country
Page 073. Sophomore and Freshmen Cross Country
Page 074. Runners Receive Awards and Letters
Page 075. Pep Rallies
Page 076. Varsity Swim Team
Page 077. Swimming continued
Page 078. Freshmen and Sophomore Swim Teams
Page 079. Swim Timers
Page 080. Varsity Wrestlers
Page 081. Sophomore Wrestlers
Page 082. Freshmen Wrestlers
Page 083. Varsity Basketball
Page 084. Varsity Basketball Scores
Page 085. Junior Varsity Basketball
Page 086. Freshmen Basketball
Page 087. Lettermen / Faculty Basketball Game
Page 088. Rebel Runners
Page 089. Varsity Basketball
Page 090. Four Diamondmen Poses
Page 091. Sophomore baseball
Page 092. Freshmen Baseball
Page 093. Golfers
Page 094. Tennis
Page 095. Atletic Girls
Page 096. Girls' Tennis and G.A.A.
Page 097. Senior and Junior Girls Athletes
Page 098. Junior and Freshmen Girl Athletes
Page 099. Candid Faculty
Page 100. Candid Students
Page 101. Terrapin Club
Page 102. Satisfaction is Winning
Page 103. Underclassmen Divider Page
Page 104. Freshmen: Adams-Bloom
Page 105. Freshmen: Bobic-Earp
Page 106. Freshmen: Edders-Hoekstra
Page 107. Freshmen: Hoge-Lisek
Page 108. Freshmen: Lisneck-Postma
Page 109. Freshmen: Postma-Stewart
Page 110. Freshmen: Stofchick-Zents
Page 111. Freshmen: Zentz-Zygowicz
Page 112. Sophomores: Ables-Booker
Page 113. Sophomores: Booth-Espinosa
Page 114. Sophomores: Evans-Jones
Page 115. Sophomores: Jordan-Mills
Page 116. Sophomores: Mitchell-Russell
Page 117. Sophomores: Rynberk-Ward
Page 118. Sophomores: Ward-Zitek
Page 119. Juniors: Abell-Bouanowski
Page 120. Juniors: Bouwan-Fotschkly
Page 121. Juniors: Franklin - Kennedy
Page 122. Juniors: Kieres-Neumann
Page 123. Juniors: Norlock-Stengel
Page 124. Juniors: Sterbenc-Zentz
Page 125. Juniors: Zimmer-Zych
Page 127. Junior Honor Society
Page 128. Days of Wine and Roses
Page 129. Senior Divider Page
Page 130. Seniors: Alderden-Bednarek
Page 131. Seniors: Begley - Broomhead
Page 132. Seniors: Brown - Crosariol
Page 133. Seniors: Cussonneau-Dorris
Page 134. Seniors: Dorsch-Fennema
Page 135. Seniors: Ferrario-Grapenthien
Page 136. Seniors: Green-Hastings
Page 137. Seniors: Hayes-Jabaay
Page 138. Seniors: Jabaay-Kats
Page 139. Seniors: Kazmierowski-Koselke
Page 140. Seniors: Kostalik-Liesenfelt
Page 141. Seniors: Lindquist-Maravilla
Page 142. Seniors: Mauck-Mulligan
Page 143. Seniors: Murach-Panazzo
Page 144. Seniors: Paris-Pritikin
Page 145. Seniors: Raasch-Sasewich
Page 146. Seniors: Sauer-Skinner
Page 147. Seniors: Slager-Stewart
Page 148.
Seniors: Stewart-Vanderby
Page 149. Seniors: Vanderby-Wedenoja
Page 150. Seniors: Wenger-Zandstra
Page 151. Seniors: Zarowny-Zupancic

This is Digital version of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

This yearbook started to go online on March 8, 2012. This is the Table of Contents for the 1970 yearbook. I scanned only the pages with photos. I did not bother scanning the ads and "activities" in the back of the yearbook. I am in the process of tagging the photos so that you can just wave your mouse over a face to see who it is. Unlike the 1971 online yearbook, these pages are already fully zoomed, so you do not have to click a picture to see it larger. I'd like to thank Felisha Cossler for sending me three original photos from the 1970 yearbook. (See page 38 or page 43, page 62 for those.) I'm told that Carol Michalak may still have lots of the original photos that went into the 1971 yearbook. If you know how I can reach her to borrow them for scanning, please email me at spiralblue@yahoo.com. I have also added a Rebel Rouser section to the main index page, so please be sure to check those out. Thanks to Debbie Sowinski Mlynarcik for kindly submitting the following issues: Dec 1967, June 1971, Feb 1971. Thanks to Lynda Willer for providing all the rest. In regard to the 1970 "activities" that I mentioned at the top of this paragraph, have no fear. I have moved those under the students' mugshots (like I did for the CLASS OF 1971 seniors.) While I elected not to crop the mug pages for freshmen and sophomores, I did crop the Juniors. See Page 120 for those. The best way to find a particular student is with The Full Name Index. The faculty is also listed there. If you still have your mug pictures from high school and would like them inserted into this yearbook website, just scan it and email it to me. Don't worry about the size. I will resize it so that it fits in seamlessly with the others. Why do this? The quality is so much better! Since the yearbook had a matte finish, it does not lend itself so well to higher resolution scans. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to return often to see the changes and improvements.

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