1970 Girl's Club Guides South Tradition

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Girls' Club Officers: Nancy Illo, President; Joyce Yellina, Secretary; Pam Miller, Treasurer; Robin Tiltges,Vice-President; and Mrs. Beare, Sponsor.

Senior Board: Carol Sommerfeld, Kathy Archer, Edith Lange, JoAnn Jensen, Barb Hildebrand, Jilie Milliken, and Rhonda Pauling.

Junior Board: Standing: Donna Traver, Pam Rach, Peggy Jensen, Janet Neuman, Barb Smirniotis. Seated: Diane Galanis, Karen Zaur, and Suzy Klucher.

This is Page 30 of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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Nancy Illo - President Joyce Yellina - Secretary Pam Miller - Treasurer Robin Tiltges - Vice President Mrs. Beare - Sponsor
Carol Sommerfeld Kathy Archer Edith Lange JoAnn Jensen Barb Hildebrand Julie Milliken Rhonda Pauling
Donna Traver Diane Galanis Karen Zaur Suzy Klucher Barb Smirniotis Janet Neuman Peggy Jensen Pam Rach