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Junior Varsity Basketball Team

Junior Varsity Basketball Team Front: Ken Felle, Manager; Coach Anderson, Ken Soderstrom, manager.
Back: Dan Halon, Mike Daniels, Doug Cool, Russell Wells, Robert Snell, P. Majack, Tasker Brush, Gerrit Wiers, William Kottas, Wally LaFreniere, Steve Shone, John Wescott.

Gary Grapenthien

Gary Grapenthien   wins out with a long jump.

Bob Oderwald

Bob Oderwald goes up for two, as his North opponent cringes.

This is Page 85 of the digital version of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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 Ken Felle, Manager; Coach Anderson  Ken Soderstrom, manager Dan Halon Mike Daniels Mike Daniels  Doug Cool Russell Wells  Robert Snel  P. Majack Tasker Brush Gerrit Wiers William Kottas Wally LaFreniere Steve Shone John Wescott Junior Varsity Basketball