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Key Club:   Row 1: Craig Walker; John Pozworski, Treasurer; Bob Robertson; Mike Burdelak; Don Zebrauskas, Secretary; Tom Moran. Row 2: Jim Rosinia; Bob Krilich; Gary Tempco; Tim Nowaczyk; Brad Hotz, Vice-President; Peter Zych; and Mike Wallace. Seated:Bill Becker, President.


Gun Club:   Seated: Fred Morgenthaler, Treasurer; Dave Hannema, Vice President; Tim Alexander, President; Brad Borys, Secretary. Standing: Larry Peres, Peter Zych, Roger Reece, Charles Jacobsma, Jeff Schauer, David Krauszowski, Nelson Borys, George Dancho, Mark Koenigs.

This is Page 46 of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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Craig Walker John Pozworski Bob Robertson Mike Burdelak Don Zebrauskas Tom Moran Jim Rosinia Robert Krilich Gary Tempco Tim Nowaczyk Brad Hotz Peter Zych Mike Wallace Bill Becker
Fred Morgenthaler, Treasurer Dave Hannema, Vice President Tim Alexander, President Brad Borys, Secretary Larry Peres Peter Zych Roger Reece Charles Jacobsma Jeff Schauer  David Krauszowski Nelson Borys George Dancho Mark Koenigs