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Freshmen Representatives Freshmen Representatives Pam Winterhoff, Lynn Vanderzee, Mary Bell, Louisa Baran, Mary Gavin.

Student Council Student Council sponsored hall decorations at Christmas time.

Student Council

Student Council President, Tom Moran (seated) explains procedures to foreign exchange student Jo Wade, Joe Ferrario, and Jackie Cussoneau.

    This year's Student Council has been the most prosperous of all past councils in South's history. Besides leading traditional events at Follies and Homecoming, Student Council has expanded the student body's ideas into a reality. Money making projects were boosted such as the candy cane drive, March of Dimes Drive and Charity Dance.
    Among the most beneficial advancements of Student Council are exchange days with T.F. North, music in the cafeteria, North-South Dance, and a composing of a new constitution.
    With combined efforts of T.F. North and South's Student Councils, the dress code was abolished and a start towards friendship between these two schools now exists.
    Throughout the year Student Council, headed by Tom Moran, has been concerned with other environments than those at South. A school was built in Thailand for the underpriviledged, voting pamphlets were printed and distributed in Lansing, and it sponsored a program and assembly concerning drugs.
    One of the most important things this year's Student Council succeded in doing was bringing a closeness between Council and Student Body, and fulfilling modern ideas of T.F. South.
    Now Student Council has changed its name to Student Senate and, the most prosperous year at South has existed in 1969-70.

This is the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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