p011 Faculty Physical Education Thornton Fractional South 1970


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Mr. W. Anderson - PHYS ED

Mr. W. Beckwith - PHYS ED

Mrs. R. Blackadder - PHYS ED

Mrs. J. Borich - PHYS ED

Mrs. M. Elliot - PHYS ED

Mr. A. Gentile - PHYS ED

Mr. D. Glumac - PHYS ED

Mr. K. Hamsher - PHYS ED

Mr. R. Maxeiner - PHYS ED

Mrs. E. Rosenak - PHYS ED

Mrs. J. Stewart - PHYS ED

Mr. O. Cromwell - DRIVERS ED

Mr. J. Davis - DRIVERS ED

Mr. J. DeSoto - DRIVERS ED

Mr. J. Long - DRIVERS ED


This is the faculty at Thornton Fractional South High School during the 1969-1970 School year.
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