1970 T.F.S. General Office & Library Assistants

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General Office:
Seated: Diana Sheppard, Kathy Shurr, Kathy Aloia, Kathy Baker, Carla Gerken, Carol Simmons, Sherri Ward, Celes Gericke.
Standing: Joyce Sausaman, Cindy Rodriguez, Francine Fritz, Debbie Bauer, Paula Dublak, Nancy Grieve, Karen Zaur, Joanne Zupancic, Rosanne Sheppard, Pam Grieve, Elieen Baldwin, Laurie Steinbach, Kathy Parry, Kathy Alessi, Kathy Koch.
Not Pictured: Paula Herrick, and Sue Bethmann.

Library Assistants:
Row 1: Rhonda Pauling, Kathy Stengel, Maribeth Linguist, Norene Jabaay, Judy Kinnane.
Row 2: Linda Collins, Jane Stewart, Jane Newton, Kathy Leclaire, Barbara Russel, Pat O'Neal, Janice Mellendorp, Xavier Polanski, Norm Peters, Jim Currier

This is the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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Diana Sheppard Kathy Shurr Kathy Aloia Kathy Baker Carla Gerken Carol Simmons Sherri Ward Celes Gericke Joyce Sausaman Cindy Rodriguez Francine Fritz Debbie Bauer Paula Dublak Nancy Grieve karen Zaur Joanne Zupancic Rosanne Sheppard Eileen Baldwin Pam Grieve Laurie Steinbach Kathy Parry Kathy Alessi Kathy Koch Not Pictured are P. Herrick and Sue Bethmann
Rhonda Pauling Kathy Stengel Maribeth Linquist Noreen Jabaay Judy Kinnane Linda Collins Jane Stewart Jane Newton Kathy Leclaire Barbara Russel Pat O'Neal Janice Mellendorp Xavier Polanski Norm Peters Jim Currier