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Office Occupations: Row 1: Lorre Wild, Fran Wojciehowski, Debbie Malone.
Row 2: Sandi Magraw, Diane Cilek, Donna Schmidt.
Row 3: Jan Bednarek, Betty Wasson, Denise Patheiger, Janet Rodda, Chris Freyman, Karen DeMarco, Ellen Ollen.
Not Pictured: Sally Sumpter, Sue Wickstrom, and Liz Van Gorp.
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Office Occupation Officers: Seated: Donna Schmidt, President; Chris Freyman, Vice President. Standing: Sandi McGraw, Treasurer; Debbie Malone, Secretary; Diane Cilek, Partilmena.

This is Page 36 of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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Lorri Wild Fran Wojciehowski Debbie Malone Sandi McGraw Diane Cilek Ellen Ollen? click me Karen DeMarco? Chris Freyman? Janet Rodda? click to email correction Denise Patheiger? click to correct  Betty Wasson? unsure Jan Bednarek? click me to correct unsure
Donna Schmidt Chris Freyman Sandi McGraw Debbie Malone