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Varsity Wrestlers

Varsity Wrestlers Row 1: Ed Murphy, Fred Hoekstra, Daniel Le Monier, Tim Gavin, Steve Toepfer, George Nadasdy, Roderick Maravilla, Mike Maloney, Arvidas Jarasius.
Row 2: Mike Warfel, John Gorzyca(sp?), Ronald Diamond, Andrew Tepavcevich, Richard Ebbens, Jeff Keister, James Palicke, Kerry Warburton, Stephen Archambault.
Row 3: John Pozworski, Manager; Dan Rajkovich, Gerald Kohlenberger, R. Whyle, John Wollack, Dave Junker, Mike Toepfer, Steve McGilvrey, Robert Sausaman. Norman Klien, Mark Kingdom, Coach Sowinski, Ed Grubbe
Help Needed: Row 2 is one name short, so some of the tags are probably wrong. If you can help with the missing name, please email and be sure to mention page "70_080."

Fred Hoekstra Varsity Wrestler Fred Hoekstra nears the end of a succesful match.

Tim Gavin

Tim Gavin prepares his opponent for a pin.

This is Page 80 of the digital version of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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Ed Murphy  Fred Hoekstra Daniel Le Monier Tim Gavin Steve Toepfer George Nadasdy Roderick Maravilla Mike Maloney Arvidas Jarasius Mike Warfel John Gorzyca Ronald Diamond Andrew Tepavcevich Richard Ebbens Jeff Keister Jeff Keister Kerry Warburton Stephen Archambault James Palicke John Pozworski Manager; Dan Rajkovich Gerald Kohlenberger R. Whyle John Wollack Dave Junker Mike Toepfer Steve McGilvrey Robert Sausaman Norman Klien Mark Kingdom Coach Sowinski E. Grubbe