1970 T.F.S. Literary Arts

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L.A.A.S. Officers: Mr. Dickinson, Sponsor; Mr. Chockley, Sponsor; Pat Schultz, Secretary; Neal Haught, Assistant Editor; Tom Poplawski, President; Ted Schultz, Vice President; Tom Gleim, Treasurer; Larry Peres, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Ferrum Staff: Tom Gleim, Tom Poplawski, Neal Haught, Assistant Editor;Ted Schultz, Editor; Mark Schumann.

L.A.A.S.: Sue Sheehan, Jan Wlezgray, Tony Serbenc, Mike Wallace, Debbie Watson, Mark Schumann, Marianne Kurt.

This is Page 53 of the Postscript © Yearbook of Thornton Fractional South High school in Lansing, IL during the 1969-1970 season.

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Mr. Dickinson Mr. Chockley Pat Schultz Neal Haught Tom Poplawski Ted Schultz Tom Gleim Larrry Peres
Tom Gleim Tom Poplawski Neal Haught Ted Schultz Mark Schumann
Sue Sheehan Dan Wlezgray Tony Serbenc Mike Wallace Debbie Watson Dave Schumann Marianne Kurt