1969 General Office & Guidance Office TFS Postscript Yearbook p049

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General Office: Back row: Carol Simmons, Terry Michniewicz, Joyce Sausaman, Sue Dombrowski, Laurie Steinbach, Pam Grieve, Sherry Nondorf, Sandy Fritz, Sue Bethmann, JoAnn Jensen. Front Row: Kathy Aloia , Cathy Schuur, Kathy Baker, Donna Nighosian, Cathy Martin.

Guidance Office: Seated: Effie Smith, Carol Michalak, Felisha Cossler, Denise Carlino, Kyle Farley, Lynda Wilier. Diane Galonis. Standing: Sharon Evans, Karen Dremonas, Kathy Kreps, Liz Kersten, Kay Mote, Sharon Reid, Kathy Prondzinski, Peggy Peacock, Bernadette Hanacek, Cathy Martin, Bonnie Van Kley, Linda Jensen, Chris Nelson, Christie Beres.

Caption on p049:

This is the HTML version of the 1969 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Carol Simmons Terry Michniewicz Joyce Sausaman Sue Dombrowski Laurie Steinbach Pam Grieve Sherry Nondorf Sandy Fritz Sue Bethman Joann Jensen Kathy Aloia Kathy Schuur Kathy Baker Donna Nighosian Kathy Martin lamp General Office
Effie Smith Carol Michalak Felisha Cossler Denise Carlino Klya Farley Lynda Willer Diane Galanis Sharon Evans Karen Dremonas Kathy Kreps Liz Kersten Kay Mote Sharon Reid Kathy Prondzinski Peggy Peacock Bernadette Hanacek Kathy Martin Bonnie Van Kley Linda Jensen Chris Nelson Chris Beres thermostat Guidance Office