1969 Deans Office TFS Postscript Yearbook p048

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Dean's Office: Back row: Peggy Jensen, Patty Reeb, Nancy Sterbenc, Ginger Flasko, Diane Watts, Carol Mizanin, Nancy Hansen, Kathy Prondzinski, Denise Troppman, Pam Neal. Front row: Sherry Evans, Pat Raasch, Linda Halley, Pat O'Neal, Carol Sommerfeld.

Guidebook Staff: Seated: Robin Tiltges, Editor. Backrow: Carol Summerfeld,Assistant Editor; Sue Marsteller, Peggy Jensen, Assistant Editor; Joann Jensen

Stooges: Nancy Hansem, Donna Franklin, Diane Watts, Bonnie Van Kley, Anne Stamper, Linda Jensen, Linda Illo.

Caption on p048:

This is the HTML version of the 1969 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Peggy Jensen Patty Reeb Nancy Sterbenc Ginger Flasko Diane Watts Carol Mizanin Nancy Hansen Kathy Prondzinski Denise Troppman Pam Neal Sherry Evans Pat Raasch Linda Halley Pat O'neal Carol Sommerfeld Deans Office
Robin Tiltges Carol Summerfled guidebook Sue Marsteller Peggy Jensen Joann Jensen Guidebook Staff
Nancy Hansen Donna Franklin Diane Watts Bonnie Van Kley Anne Stamper Linda Jensen Linda Illo Stooges