1969 Future Teachers of America TFS Postscript Yearbook p044

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Future Teachers of America: Row 1: Marcia Anderson, Debbie Maravilla, Chris Anderson, JoDee Keller, Kathy Orban, Kathy Vierk. Row 2: Sherri Evans, Carol Sommerfeld, Pat O'Neal, Pat Steele, Nancy King, Debbie Rose, Pat Raasch, Patty Humphrey, Felisha Cossler. Row 3: Maribeth Lindquist, Marlene Koster, Pat Wozny, Marianne Carpenter, Barb Conley, Gretchen Peters, Anna Lee, Kathy Nelson, Carol Bobic, Donna Love. Row 4: Joan Murach, Judy Vajda, Sue Schultz, Shirley Goluska, Karen Krygier, Carol Michalak, Jan Dillon, Nancy Usselman.

Miss Peacock instructs gradeschooler in the fundamentals of education.

FTA Officers: Seated: Peggy Peacock, Pres. Standing: Edith Lange, Vice President; Pam Foh, Secretary; Miss Kaufer, Sponsor.

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This is the HTML version of the 1969 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Peggy Peacock
Peggy Peacock Edith Lange Pam Foh Miss Kaufer
Felisha Cossler Janet Dillon Carol Michalak Sherri Evans Carol Sommerfield Marcia Anderson Debbie Maravilla Chris Anderson JoDee Keller banner Kathy Orban Kathy Vierk Pat O'Neal Pat Steele Nancy King Debbie Rose Pat Raasch Patty Humphrey Maribeth Lindquist Marlene Koster Pat Wozny Mariann Carpenter Barb Conley Gretchen Peters Anna Lee Kathy Nelson Carol Bobic Donna Love Joan Murach Judy Vajda Sue Schultz Shirley Goluska Karen Krygier Nancy Usselman