1969 French Club TFS Postscript Yearbook p042

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French Club: Row one: Gail Walker, Kathy Boyer, Terry Dalrymple, Pat Johnson, Debbie Peterson, Pat McHugh, Carmela Vaccaro, Luann Knoezer, Elaine Danaher. Row two: Cathy Sutkowski, Karen Alessi, Kathy McSwiggan, Debbie Rowley, Jan Ambry, Pam McDermott, Cathy Capriglione, Dawn Jones, Nancy DeBoer. Row three: Barbara Conley, Debbie Alitto , Linda Krygier, Janet Sterbenc, Claudia Jensen, Carolyn Maxeiner, Pat Herrick, Pat Wozny, Edwina Spodark, Nanette Brunetti. [Three names were missing from the yearbook in the third row standing). Please email 69_042 if you can name the two girls to the right of Nanette Brunetti.]

Officers: Kathy Miller, President; Belinda Love, Vice President; Miss Westfall, Sponsor; Peggy Jensen, Recorder; Peggy Peacock, Secretary. Not shown: Patty Reeb, Treas.

Caption on p042:

This is the HTML version of the 1969 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Gail Walker Kathy Boyer Terry Dalrymple Pat Johnson Debbie Peterson Pat McHugh Carmella Vacarro Luann Knoerzer Elaine Danaher Cathy Sutkowski Karen Alessi Kathy McSwiggan Debbie Rowley Jan Ambry Pam McDermott Kathy Capriglioni Dawn Jones Nancy DeBoer Barbara Conley Debbie Alitto Linda Krygier Janet Sterbenc Claudia Jensen Carolyn Maxeiner Pat Herrick Pat Wozny Edwina Spodark Nanette Brunetti Click to Name Click to Name French Club
Kathy Miller Belinda Love Miss Westfall Peggy Jensen Patty Reeb officers