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DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION: Seated: Sammy Newton, Cathy Bergeron, Margaret Fahey, Nancy Zandstra, Sandy Van Der Noord, Pam Hollow, Jenny Pate, Dorothy Danielson, Larry Flanigan. Standing: Ed Spejewski, Rodger Haseman, Tom Dymott, Kurt Malinski, Tom Hein, Frank Soeka, Bob O'Dell, Glen Vanzyl, Fritz Gericke, Bill Elliott, Dennis Ganz, Mike Poe.

Officers Seated: Fritz Gericke, President; Dorothy Danielson, Vice-President; Kathy Bergeron, Secretary; Pam Hallow, Treasurer. Standing: Kurt Malinski, Sergeant at arms; Larry Flanigan, Parliamentarian.

Distributive Education

Retail selling, principles of retailing, store operation and management, advertising, and merchandise knowledge are all a part of the program of D.E.. The students involved in D.E. are given experience on the job, as well as academic training.

This is the HTML version of the 1968 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Distributive Education Sammy Newton Cathy Bergeron Margaret Fahey Nancy Zandstra Sandy Vandernoord Pam Hallow Jenny Pate Dorothy Danielson Larry Flanigan Ed Spejewski Roger Haseman Tom Dymott Kurt Malinski Tom Hein Frank Soeka Bob ODell Glen Vanzyl Fritz Gericke Bill Elliot Dennis Ganz Mike Poe DE
Fritz Gericke Doothy Danielson Kathy Bergeron Pam Hallow Kurt Malinski Larry Flannigan Officers