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Standing: Mr. Mansholt, Tom Crezenci, Paul Zealstra, Bill Schmal, Greg Bosich, Daryl Overmeyer, Tom Swanson, Jim Winters, Henry Vlietstra, Fred Kellner, Ken Jayne, Allen Grundzier. Seated: Carolyn Stokes, Linda Maroc, Mary Ann Downs, Cathy Fiacco, Tony Genovese, Gayle Mitchell, Donna Fazio, Diane Anchor.

Officers left to right: Bill Schmall, Vice President; Greg Bosick, Treasurer; Diane Anchor, Secretary; Jim Winters, President.

This is the HTML version of the 1968 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Mr Mansholt Diversified Occupations Tom Crezenci Paul Zealstra Bill Schmall Greg Bosich Daryl Overmeyer Tom Swanson Jim Winters Henry Vliestra Fred Kellner Ken Jayne Allen Grundzier Carolyn Stokes Linda Maroc Mary Ann Downs Kathy Fiacco Toni Genovese Gayle Mitchell Donna Fazio Diane Anchor
Bill Schmall Greg Bosich Diane Anchor Jim Winters