OFFICE OCCUPATIONS - 1968 TFS Postscript Yearbook p99

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Office Occcupations - Seated: Sue Schaffenberger, Diane Martinson, Debbie Gorski, Margaret Skaff, Diane Wilson, Nancy Lafferty, Sue Darlak, Dawn Gustafson. Standing: Barb Carlson, Kathy Gobberg, Melody Haught, Mary Pasquarella, Kathy Serafin, Carol Fleishman, Judy Horgesheimer, Pat Vogeral, Ruth Whited.

Seated: Linda Jenson, Chris Beres, editor. Standing: Carol Sommerfeld, Robin Tilges, assistant editor; Inky White, assistant editor.

The annual guidebook, The CONFEDERATE, is one of the school's three publications. A copy is presented to each freshman upon registration to acquaint them with the school curriculum, policies and clubs.

Page 99: 

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Office Occupations Sue Schaffenberger Diane Martinson Debbie Gorski Margaret Skaff Diane Wilson Nancy Lafferty Sue Darlak Dawn Gustafson Barb Carlson Kathy Gobberg Melody Haught Mary Pasquarella Kathy Serafin Carol Fleishman Judy Horgesheimer Pat Vogeral Ruth Whited
Linda Jenson Chris Beres Carol Sommerfeld Robin Tiltges Inky White