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  The student assistants are a courageous group of students who risk the terrible fate of being called a "brownie." They spend their free periods in assisting not only the P.E. department, but also in doing various odd jobs in the guidance, general, and dean's offices. Others help a lonely vigil at their posts as hall monitors or struggle with the mimeograph machine in the bookstore. Those who work in the clinic and the library perform a direct service for the students as do the "stooges" who sell tickets in the activities room.

Student Assistants - Row 1: Joyce Sausman, Sue Alessi, Carol Simmons, Kathy Schurr, Kathy Aloia, JoAnn Jensen, Jean Vos, Pat Frantz. Row 2: Sue Bethman, Jackie Perkins, Linda Lisenfeld, Sue Dombrowski, Pat Brauer.

GUIDANCE OFFICE: - Kneeling: Liz Kersten, Chris Nelson, Sue Meyers, Nancy Cwetna, Cindy Maravilla, Linda Lisenfeld, Betty Lindeman, Sherry Jastrab, Kathy Martin, Debbie Novak. Standing: Linda Roos, Linda Jenson, Sherry Evans, Candy Tegtmeyer, Ruth Percak, Barb Frankenfield, Karen Kegebein, Janet Isaacson, Donna Glad, Mary Algozzini, Paula Dublak, Sue Ihnen, Kathy Piltaver, Bonnie Van Kley, Kathy Prondzinski, Joann Ditter.

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Student Assistants Joyce Sausman Sue Alessi Carol Simmons Kathy Schurr Kathy Aloia JoAnn Jensen Jean Voss Pat Frantz Sue Bethman Jackie Perkins Linda Lisenfelt Sue Drombowski Pat Brauer
Guidance Office Liz Kersten Chris Nelson Sue Meyers Nancy Cwetna Cindy Maravilla Linda Lisenfelt Betty Lindeman Sherry Jastrab Kathy Martin Debbie Novak Linda Roos Linda Jenson Sherry Evans Candy Tegtmeyer Ruth Percak Barb Frankenfield karen Kegenbein Janet Isaacson Donna Glad Mary Algozzini paula Dublak Sue Ihnen Kathy Piltaver Bonnie Van Kley Kathy Prondzinski JoAnn Ditter