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Our 49-Year Mini Reunion was to be on Saturday October 3 2020

Jack's Place in Lansing on Ridge Road at 7:00 PM


Email from Lynda Willer: Just a reminder: the 49th reunion of the Class of '71 - it's soon the first Saturday in October - time to get together with classmates: At our 40th reunion we decided to continue to meet for an annual tradition of informally gathering together. We've had several of these mini-reunions so far with a good time had by all. Hard to believe but it is time for an annual informal party once again. So for our Class of '71 annual informal gathering celebrating our 49th year after graduation, we will meet on Saturday October 3, 2020 at 7 pm - downtown Lansing at Jack's Place on Ridge Road. This is obviously a difficult year to totally plan. Jeff has let me know that at this time Jack's Place is open with reduced capacity. Obviously, we all want to stay safe and healthy (we are all in at least the age category of being compromised - even if we don't want to admit to those years). So come if you are comfortable, bring a mask and plan not to do a lot of smooching! We do not do any formal mailings so we are counting on you to spread the word. Please don't assume a classmate you are in contact with has the information - help by making that contact. In fact, call a classmate and ask him/her to join you that evening. There have been several changes in Facebook procedures, so not everyone may still be connected via FB or you may not be a part of whatever algorithm they are using. Hope to see many of you there in a couple of weeks. There is no need to formally respond but let me know if you think you will attend so I can pass the numbers on to Jeff. Thanks, Lynda

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