Twenty Year Reunion for Thornton Fractional South

Names are a work in progress, with your help. If you know someone's name, just click his or her face to let us all know. Just hover your mouse over the face to see who has been identified so far.

ROW ONE:205-Diane Galanis, 206-Luann Knoerzer, 207-Joan Meilleur, 208-Peggy Jensen, 209-Kyle Farley, 210-Janet Darlington, 211-Debbie Bauer, 212-Jeanne Mitchel, 213-Kathy Baker, 214-Darlene Broza, 215-unknown
ROW TWO:216-Brenda Gardner, 217-Audrey Capp, 218-unknown, 219-unknown, 220-Pam McDermott, 221-Barb Higbee, 222-?Jo Crouch?, 223-Shirley Martine, 224-Kay Mote?, 225-Debbie Baricevich, 226-unknown, 227-unknown, 228-unknown, 229-Richard Berglund?
ROW THREE:230-Barbara Gardner?, 231-Linda Franklin, 232-Debora Hockenberry, 233-Jean Lively?, 234-unknown, 235-Denise Hutchinson, 236-Edith Ann Marich, 237-unknwon, 238-Pam Mills, 239-Mike Manno, 240-Marilyn Ditter, 241-Wally Emlund, 242-unknwon, 243-Cynthia Bucha?, 244-unknown, 245-Gail Martin, 246-Suzanne Klucher, 247-unknown, 248-Scott Dugan
ROW FOUR:249-unknown, 250-Bill Hastings, 251-Alan Broomhead, 252-Duane Hansen, 253-Jeff Hamblin, 254-unknown, 255-Tom Gosciej, 256-unknown, 257-Willie Albrecht, 258-Jeff Kiester, 259-Lucinda Blank, 260-Jeff Biel, 261-unknown, 262-unknown, 263-Nancy Carlson, 264-Ted Cable, 265-Deborah Kieres, 266-Tim Hektoen.
ROW FIVE:267-Rich Klebs, 268-Tom Hedges, 269-Ken Blocker, 270-Rich Kelley, 271-unknown, 272-unknown, 273-unknown, 274-unknown, 275-Doug Carr, 276-unknown, 277Linda Bauer, 278-unknown, 279-Terry Hektoen.

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205-Diane Galanis 206-Luann Knoerzer 207-Joan Meilleur 208-Peggy Jensen 209-Kyle Farley 210-Janet Darlington 211-Debbie Bauer 212-Jeanne Mitchel 213-Kathy Baker 214-Darlene Broza 215-? 216-?Brenda Gardner? 217-Audrey Capp 218-? 219-? 220-Pam McDermott 221-Barb Higbee 222-?Jo Crouch? 223-Shirley Martine 224-? 225-Debbie Baricevich 226-? 227-? 228-? 229-?Richard Berglund? 230-?Barbara Gardner? 231-Linda Franklin 232-Deborah Hockenberry 233-?Jean Lively? 234-? 235-Denise Hutchinson 236-Edith Ann Marich 237-? 238-Pam Mills 239-Mike Manno 240-Marilyn Ditter 241-Wally Emlund 242-? 243-?Cindy Bucha? 244-? 245-Gail Martin 246-Suzanne Klucher 247-? 248-?Scott Dugan? 249-? 250-Bill Hastings 251-Alan Broomhead 252-Duane Hansen 253-Jeff Hamblin 254-? 255-Tom Gosciej 256-? 257-Willy Albrecht 258-Jeff Kiester 259-Lucinda Blank 260-Jeff Biel 261-? 262-? 263-Nancy Carlson 264-Ted Cable 265-Deborah Kieres 266-Tim Hektoen 267-Jim Klebs 268-Thomas Hedges 269-Ken Blocker 270-Rich Kelley 271-? 272-? 273-? 274-? 275-Doug Carr 276-? 277-Linda Bauer 278-? 279-Terry Hektoen The 1991 class of 71 reunion- 20 Years