2011 Reunion for TFS Class of 1971 Pictures by Luann Malark

TFS | Reunion
Denise Hutchison and Bob Robertson Linda Bauer with husband Compton Audrey Capp - Duane Hansen with spouse Cynthia Bucha with spouse Anita Denise Vern Werner with Jane Gustafson regis Gilman with spouse Patricia - Peter - Bill - spouse Don Olsen with Marilyn Ditter Alan Broomhead with Jeff Biel and spouse Larry Mlynarcik with spouse Barbara Esau with spouse Karen Dremonas - Debra Mazan - Barbara and Brenda Gardner nicolette Rick Stensin and Janet Darlington Ron Snyder with spouse John Wollack with spouse Ron Sabena Ramanna with Anita Frank Stubbs with spouse Float Float Pam Miller and Linda Franklin Kelley and Calvin Kelley Ray Monaldi - Karen Dremonas Monaldi - Debra Mazan - Barbara Gardner - Brenda Gardner Dohman Debbie Broza with spouse Barbara Gardner - Brenda Gardner Dohman - Mr Dohman Richard Kelley with spouse Joyce - Ron Van Gorp Pam Miller (deceased) - Linda Franklin with spouse Calvin Kelley Mike Manno - Tim Hektoen - wife - Terry Hektoen - ? - Ken Rahn - debra Mazan - Don Zebrauskas Debbie Bauer with spouse Sennfner Joyce Yellina with her spouse Brenda Gardner with her spouse Mr Dohman Gary Rathbone with Rosemary wank and spouse Roger Reece with man David Schumann - Barb Esau - Rebecca Sell - spouse Various people More people