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45 Year Reunion: Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Our 46-Year Reunion Will be on Saturday October 14 2017

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At our 40th reunion we decided to continue to meet for an annual tradition of gathering together. We've met four times so far with a good time had by all. And last year's 45th reunion was a party as only the Class of '71 can have. Hard to believe but it is time for an annual party once again. So for our 5th Class of '71 annual informal gathering celebrating our 46th year after graduation, we will meet on Saturday October 14 - location and time to be determined. This year we are one week off our 1st Saturday in October due to some scheduling difficulties. We are not doing any formal mailings so we are counting on you to spread the word. Please don't assume a classmate you are in contact with has the information - help by making that contact. Hope to see many of you there in a couple of months. This will be the year that we sing for many of us 'when I'm 64...'

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Row 1: Roberta Sell, Regis Gillman, Luann Knoerzer, Melinda Stinnett, Laurel Smith, Anita Smith, Sabena Ramanna, Darlene Broza, Barb Bogus, Debbie Watson
Row 2: David Schumann, James Benson, Deborah Hockenberry, Barbara Gardner, Pamela Grieve, Cynthia Twardozs, Mark Valco, Tom Gosciej, Lynda Willer, Vern Werner,Bill Hastings, Doug Finney, John Wollack, Jeff Kiester
Row 3: Marilyn Ditter, Scott Malcom, Brenda Gardner, Wally Emlund, Ken Rahn, Mike Manno, Duane Hansen, Lynda Bauer, Jeff Biel, Roger Reece, Frank Stubbs
Row 4: John Junker, Bob Oswalt, Richard Kelley, Debra Bauer, Ron Snyder, Egon Zimmerman, Don Zebrauskas, Tim Hektoen, Gary Rathbone
Row 5: Dave Jonkman, Ken Jordan, Ken Swanson, Jesse Miller, Wayne Simmons, Bob Robertson, Don Olsen, Terry Hektoen, Al Broomhead

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Our Latest "mini" Reunion Was October 3rd, 2015

(That was our 44-year reunion)

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