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P.E. ASSISTANTS: - Row 1: Mary Felle, Kathy Bartkowitz, Sheila Elias, Jodee Keller, Kathy Smith, Linda Isaacson, Sandy Janson, Penny Robertson, Pat Johnson. Row 2: Diane Davis, Connie Zarowny, Cindy Wozniak, Pat Deflippo, Denise Moeller, Rose Palenik, Joan LaMar, Mary Postma, Cindy Steltzer. Row 3: Denise Troppman, Pam Neal, Darlene Machtemes, Janice Westerhoff, Sherry Barker, Kathy Orban, Marilyn Ball, Vita Los.

GYM LEADERS: - Row 1: Tony Nadesty. Bob Ramsey, Fred Hase, Ron Cilek. Row 2: Bob Wade, Randy Widstrand, Don Reese, Tim Horvatich, Mark Davis. Row 3: Mike MacDougall, Gary Zauer, Mark Jeske, Rich Thomas.

CLINIC ASSISTANTS: - Left to right: Debbie Kieres, Rhonda Pauling, Debbie Sowinski, Cindy Schroeter, Debbie Bauer.

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PE Assistants Mary Felle Kathy Bartkowski Sheila Elias Jodee Keller Kathy Smith Linda Isaacson Sandy Janson Penny Robertson Pat Johnson Diane Davis Connie Zarowny Cindy Wozniak Pat Deflippo Denise Moeller Rose Palenik Joan Lamar Mary Postma Cindy Steltzer Denise Troppman Pam Neal Darlene Machtemas janice westerhoff Sherry Barker Kathy Orban Marilyn Ball Vita Los
Gym Leaders Tony Nadesty Bob Ramsey Fred Hase Ron Cilek Bob Wade Randy Widstrand Don Reese Tim Horavitch Mark Davis Mike MacDougall Gary Zaur Mark Jeske Rick Thomas
Clinic Assistants Debbie Kieres Rhonda Pauling Debbie Sowinksi Cindy Schroeter The mirror image of Rhonda Pauling Debbie Cindy Debbie Bauer