1969 Varsity Swimming TFS Postscript Yearbook p083

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Varsity Squad: Seated on board; Coach Kijewski, Mark Carlberg, Greg Denst. Bottom row, left to right; Don Rowley, Chuck Roseen, Art DeGrange, Tom Poplawski, Bill Farmer, Gerd Kohler, Terry Hektoen. Row 2: Chuck Hansen, Kyle Miller, Steve Trebs, Pat LeMonier, Tom Reeb, Jim Pienkowski. Row 3: Wendell Hartzo, David Thomas, Mike Sailor, Jim Stevens, Bob Alderden.[Note: One name is missing from the back row. Click the face of the swimmer to identify definitively].

Mike Sailor backstrokes his way to another victory in the Rebel pool.

Chris Weidman leaves two swimmers in his wake as he slows down for the wall.

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