JUNIOR VARSITY and BAND OFFICERS - 1968 TFS Postscript Yearbook p106

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J.V.BAND: Row 1: Anna Lee, Tim Roth, David Victor, Ruth Erickson, Nancy King. Row 2: Loretta Flora, Linda VanDrie, Charlotte Kohut, Margaret Vincent, Mary Ritsema, Lori Wild, Norene Jabaay, Jan Wezgray, Nancy Rodda, Sue Marstellar, Marilyn Vickers. Row 3: Bob Bringleson, Elaine Meyers, Melody Bear, Niel Haught, Peggy Ellis, Sue Brown, Wanda Hickle, Ted Cable, Gary Anzelmo, Joan Janecko, Barbara McDonald, Janet Lee, Lois Huneagson, Barbara Smirniotis, Anna Vanderby, Joan Murch, Lidia Jones, Bob Tereba. Row 4: John Gorczyca, Phyllis Kohl, Tim Koselke, Tore Stole, Rich Lindberg, Dave Eeinengenberg, Mr. Wonnell, Dan Schultz, Ken Yates, Duane Hansen, Bert Vanderby, Bob Krilich, Darry Heimann, Eddie Rodda, Steve Trebs, Mike Wallace, Jayme Rice, Joyce VanMilligen.

The Varsity Band performs for many events throughout the year. This year they marched in several parades, presented half-time shows at the home football games, provided a pep band for the home basketball games, presented two concerts, and went on tour to Warsaw, Indiana.

BAND OFFICERS: Sitting: Sheila Elias, Uniforms; Janet Lutz, Uniforms; Kathy Wiedman, Uniforms; Janet Truman, Secretary; Barb Sroka, Uniforms.
Standing: Jerry Rice, Set up; Jim Vliek, President; Tom Kirsch, Drum Major; Tim Timmerman, Librarian; Mr. Wonnell.

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