REAVIS Elementary School 1962 Feeder For Thornton Fractional South


This is Marilyn's third grade class in Reavis, 1962. Hover your mouse near face to see name.
Right to Left:
Row One: Unknown guy, Karen Giles?, Kathleen Kennedy, Unknown Gal, Unknown Guy.
Row Two: Maris Napoli, Unknown Guy, Jeannie Lively, John Junokas, Unknown Gal, Unknown Gal.
Row Three: Rich Berglund?,Ricky Todd, Ralph Spargo, Barb Smirnoituis, Unknown Gal.
Standing: Unknown Gal, Dave Palenic, unknown, Gretchen Peters?, ? Broza, Teacher, Richard Felle, Marilyn Ditter.

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David Palenic Ralph Spargo Kathleen Kennedy Barb Smirnoitis Marilyn Ditter Richard felle help1 help2 help3 Gretchen Peters help5 help6 help7 Barbara Esau? Kathleen Kennedy? help10 Jiohn Gorzika help12 help13 John Junokas Jeannie Lively help15 Maris Napoli? Ricky Todd help17 help18