REBEL ROUSER Archive For Thornton Fractional South High School Newspapers 1970 through 1971


To view or save any issue as a PDF file, just click the newspaper.

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These PDF Files are text searchable, so if you search for "Mark Valco", well, you wont find anything. But on the other hand, if you search for "Tim Koselke," chances are you will find him. Since these pages are so large, it's impossible to fit the whole page in the scan. On some pages I chose to cut a line or two off the bottom. On some pages I chose to cut off the top. Eventually, when the Google and Yahoo spiders make their rounds, it will index the words inside these Rebel Rousers, and you will be able to find them from all the major internet search engines. The Rebel Rousers on this page are from my senior year, September 1970 through June 1971. The previous Rebel Rousers on this website will be organized by specific year, 1967, 1968, 1969, etc. rather than School Season (Sept thru June).

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