Eisenhower Elementary School 1964 Feeder For Thornton Fractional South


Standing: Sharon Davis, Tim Nowaczyk, Deborah Hockenberry, teacher, Jerry Webb. Row 1: Joan Bromowicz, Karen Peterson, Tom Hedges, Effie Smith, Harris Swets.
Row 2: Jocelyn Cross, Laura Kozul, Joe Karwatka, Linda Franklin, Linda Jansma, Danny Buckner. Row 3: Liz Piltaver, Sharon Okeley, Brenda Janson, Scott Abell, Joanne Wojciehowski, John Junker.
Row 4: Glenn Gustafson, Bob Robertson, Billy Tyrone, Vickie Babe, Egon Zimmerman, Bruce Linn.

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Photo scanned and submitted by John Junker. If you have grade school class pictures that you'd like to share, please email them to spiralblue@yahoo.com Eventually I will tag the photos with names so they appear when you hover your mouse over the faces. If you know *any* of the names, please insert them in the email.

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Sharon Okeley Sharon Davis Tim Nowaczyk Debora Hockenberry Jerry Webb Karen Peterson Tom Hedges Effie Smith Harris Swets Jocelyn Cross Laura Kozul Joe Karwatka Linda Franklin Danny Buckner Liz Piltaver Scott Abell John Junker Glenn Gustafson Bob Robertson Billy Tyrone Egon Zimmerman Bruce Linn Linda Jansma Joan Bromowicz 1:55:44 PM help1 Brenda Janson Joanne Wojciehowski Vickie Babe