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Gun Club, Science Club, Chess Club, and Literary Arts Appreciation Society

    T.S. South boasts a number of organizations devoted to combining fun and activity with learning. Among these clubs are four: The Science Club, the Chess Club, the Gun Club, and the Literary Arts Appreciation Society, which stress the importance of developing a hobby or interest.

1. Jim Zoellick (Science)
2. Tom Schultz (Vice President:Science)
3. Nich Ross (Science)
4. Scott Finney (Science)
5. Tim Keehn (Gun)
6. Fred Morgenthaler (Gun)
7. Valerie Cragel (Secretary:Science)
8. Carol Sowa (Science)
9. Joel Bailey (Gun)
10 Robert Moffat (Gun)
11 Mr Hess (Sponsor:Science)
12 Jim Rosinia (LAAS)
13 Mark Schumann (President:Science;President:LAAS)
14 Pat Schultz (Secretary:LAAS)
15 Carol Sroka (Science;Chess)

16 John Cain (LAAS)
17 Charles Schimpf (Chess)
18 Brad Borys (Treasurer:Gun; Science)
19 Mr. Brown (Sponsor:Chess)
20 Mary Ann Jurt (LAAS)
21 Mark Martiney (Chess)
22 Don Tiltges (Chess)
23 Ken Jastrzab (Chess)
24 Scott Spilis (Chess)
25 Bernie Hilltrop (Chess)
26 Mark Hamrock (Chess)
27 Mark Ellis (Secretary:Chess)
28 Jeff Zart (Vice President:Chess)
29 David Zart (President: Chess)
30 Gordon Beck (Chess)
31 Kevin Kingma (Chess)

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