TERRAPIN CLUB - 1968 TFS Postscript

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Terrapin Club boasts of being the only club at TF South that begins and ends the year with a big splash! The girls, who are able to perform basic swimming strokes, have the opportunity to learn new water ballet skills. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Blackadder, they find time to "mess around" at the weekly meetings. The main activity of the year is the annual watershow a pageant of music, girls, color and a great deal of WATER.

Row 1: Denise Troppman, Sheri Evans, Jeri Kazen, Belinda Love, Sue Bethman, Kathy Smith. Row 2: Bernadette Hanacek, Anna VanDerby, Sharon Oakley, Debbie Sowinski, Laurie McVicker, Judy Wrzesinski, Debbie Miller, Margaret Vincent, Arlene Johnson, Mary Ebbens. Row 3: Linda Krygier, Sue Schultz, Barbara Homans, Pam Neal, Alice Zorka, Shirley Goluska, Marilyn Stone.

Officers: Left to right: Pat Pomeroy, President; Lynn Kortenhoven, Treasurer; Judi Morehouse, Activities Chairman; Madelyn Schumacher, Secretary; Not pictured: Mary Schumacher, Vice President.

Row 1: Rosemary Sauer, Denise Beuster, Cindy Graham, Jan Woolsey, Linda Washburn, Diane Davis. Row 2: Ruth Erickson, Debbie Baricevish, Cindee Wozniak, Sally Steeb, Carol Washburn, Sandy Janson, Vivian Wahburn, Candy Kazen, Sherry Barker, Eileen Rossi, Martha Reppen, Wanda Poplawshi, Janet Rodda, Mary Ritsma, Regis Gillman. Row 3: Janice Martin, Bobbie Porter, Pam Rach, Carol Deichen, Cindy Busha, Cindy Twardosz, Jan Ambry, Barb Rossi, Brenda Jabaay, Cathy Schuur, Janice Fielder, Laurel Smith.

This is the HTML version of the 1968 Postscript Yearbook for Thornton Fractional South High School in Lansing, Illinois.
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Rosemary Sauer Denise Beuster Cindy Graham Jan Woolsey Linda Washburn Diane Davis Ruth Erickson Debbie Baricevich Cindee Wozniak Sally Steeb Carol Washburn Sandy Janson Vivian Washburn Candy Kazen Sherry Barker Eileen Rossi Martha Reppen Wanda Poplawski Janet Rodda Mary Ritsma Regis Gilman Janice Martin Roberta Porter Pam Rach Carol Deichen Cindy Bucha Cindy Twardosz Jan Ambry whom John Junker visited in 2015 Barb Rossi Brenda Jabaay Kathy Schuur Janice Fielder Laurel Smith 4 oclock pm Terrapin Club More Terrapin Gals