Kathy Drabik

How Mark remembers her...

   Kathy Drabik and I did a few things together in 1970 and 1971, including tennis, gymnastics practice, bike riding, tennis, and ping pong. A very eventful day was 5/11/71. I will never forget it. After Kathy summarily defeated me in ping pong in her basement, I nonetheless tried to kiss her as I was leaving. Kathy rebuffed me and sent me outside in the rain. Kathy's father kindly gathered my bike into the trunk of his car and drove me home.
   Pictures of Kathy can be found on page 97 as 1969 G.A.A. Freshmen, 98 in 1969 Girls' Interscholastic Tennis Team, 114 in 1969 Freshman Mug Shot, 61 in 1969 Freshmen Girl's Chorus, 42 in 1970 Spanish Club, 113 in 1970 Sophomore Mugshot, 65 in 1971 Girls' athletics, 67 in 1971 Pep Club, 101 in 1971 Girls Badminton, and 137 in 1971 Junior mugshot,