Girls Athletics

    ROW 1
9. Regis Gilman (Terrapin-President; Swim Timers)
10. Terri Elman (GAA,Terrapin-Treasurer; Swim Timers)
11. Kathy Hassig (Terrapin-Secretary)
12. Anita Achultz (GAA;Terrapin Activities Chairman;Swim Timers)
13. Debbie Allito (Swim Timers)
14. Debbie Cilek (Swim Timers-Secretary)
15. Joyce Horgeshimer (GAA;Terrapin; Swim Timers-Treasurer)
    ROW 2
24. Pat Costello (GAA; Swim Timers)
25. Anita Zion (GAA)
26. Cheryl Vanderlee (Swim Timers)
27. Kathy Drabik (GAA)
28. Lori Boehm (Swim Timers)
29. Carol Magerl (swim timers)
    ROW 3
39. Carol Moore (GAA; Terrapin)
40. Jackie Gilman (Terrapin)
41. Debbie Hotz (Terrapin)
42. Carol Victor (Terrapin)
43. Doris Olen (GAA)
44. Lynn Broholm (GAA; Terrapin; SwimTimers)
45. Barb Rosentha (Terrapin-Swim Timers)

    ROW 4
55. Wendy Cress (Swim Timers)
56. Donna Baldeshwiller (Terrapin)
57. Eileen Lisenfelt (Swim Timers)
58. Sue Commings (Terrapin)
59. Barb Toczyl (GAA;terrapin)
60. Cindy Beck (GAA)
61. Donna Zion (GAA)
    ROW 5
70. Cindy Camelli (GAA; Terrapin)
71. Lynn Freeman (Swim Timers)
72. Darlene Clausius (Swim Timers)
73. Michaeline Kellis (GAA)
74. Joann Wysocki (GAA)
75. Marie Sasewich (GAA)
76. Ann Reppen (GAA; terrapin; Swim Timers)
77. Sharon Miller (GAA)
    ROW 6
87. Mary Siurek (GAA; Terrapin)
88. Kathy Richardson (Terrapin;Swim Timers)
89. Shirley Olsen (GAA; Swim Timers)
91. Janet Tatje (Swim Timers)
92. Mary Bell (Swim Timers)
93. Debbie Maravilla (Swim Timers)

94. Polly Camalick (Swim Timers)
95. Kathy Varga (GAA)
    ROW 7
104. Patti Van Weisen (GAA; Terrapin; Swim Timers)
105. Patti Schultz (GAA)
106. Leslie Trischank (GAA; Terrapin)
107. Edwina Snodark (Swim Timers)
108. Mary Wold (Swim Timers)
109. Debbie Hudson (GAA; Swim Timers)
110. Mauri Berda (GAA; Swim Timers)
111. Renee Kmak (Swim Timers)
112. Carol Sodorstrom (GAA)
    ROW 8
122. Nancy Goranowski (GAA;Terrapin)
123. Diane Miller (GAA; Terrapin)
124. Michele Borch (GAA; Swim Timers)
125. Mary Slattery (Swim Timers)
126. Janet Schimpf (GAA)
127. Kathy Welch (GAA)
128. Cindy Brakley (GAA)
129. Pat Banet (GAA Recording Secretary Terrapin)

    The girls of T. F. South steadfastly refuse to be outdone by the guys. The existence of three female athletics oriented clubs at South is proof of this fact.
    The Girls' Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Stewart, is an active organization that encourages participation in such sports as gymnastics and bowling. The club boats winning interscholastic tennis and badmitton teams. G.A.A. also sponsors extra projects such as Gym Jams, Letterman Night, and the Slumber Party.
    Rebel girls have a chance to develop their swimming skills through the Terrapin Club. Mrs. Blackadder's girls showed off their accomplishments in the 1971 water show, "Take a Turtle Tour of America."
    The Swim Timers, another active group, assume the responsbilities of clocking, recording the scores of and cheering on the Rebel swim teams. Mr. Kijewski serves as advisor to the valuable assistants.

[Note from Mark: If you don't see the Girl athlete that you are looking for on this page, she may be pictured on page 64.]

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