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Adrienne Pranske
Valerie Kingman
Anita Schultz
Cathy Schmal
Mary Pienkowski
Wendy Cress
Ruth Evert

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Ann Reppen
Janet Klawitter
Wanda Hickle
Marilyn Vickers
Pat Humphrey
Kerry Erwin
Gary Dugovich

    ROW 3
Mr. Brandon
Pat Schultz
Jeff Whyte
Kevin Erwin
Carol Sroka
Kim Kegebein
Frank Vajda
Allen Berglund

    ROW 4
Janice Westerhoff
Karen Krygier
Ed Znke
Kathy Varga
Nancy Rhoda
Jim McKinley
John Pozworski

    ROW 5
Darryl Powell
Gretchen Peters
Dave Krauszowski
Doug Breshock
Mike McGrath
Jeff Hamblin
Warren Gray

    ROW 6
Gary Denst
Jim Adamczyk
Greg Mayhew
Tom Hay
Glen Brandsma
Glen Cox
Mark Koenigs

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In Concert

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