Publications (Continued)

John Padgen & Ron Snyder

Editing the sports section of the postscript is not the easiest job, as displayed by John Padgen and Ron Snyder.

Lynda Willer, Mr. Hyde, & John Fisher

Mr. Hyde, the backbone of the T.F. South publications, helps Revel Rouser Editors, Lynda Willer and John Fisher, lay out this front page.

Mr Hyde

Mr. Hyde braved the elements and the staff's staunchly.

Carol Michalak, Diane Galanis, & Debbie Sowinski

Carol Michalak, Diane Galanis, and Debbie Sowinski discuss the new construction of the 1971 Postscript.

Larry Fields

BOTTOM: With a camera eternally clutched in his hands, Larry Fields proved to be a valuable part of the RR and PS staff.

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