Ron Relic

Senior Ron Relic presents his serious cutting from "I Never Sang for My Father."

"Consider Yourself at Home," the 1971 T. F. South Fractional Follies, proved to be a successful, enjoyable event. Sponsored by Student Senate under the chairmanship of Mary Gavin, the variety show featured thirteen entertaining acts, which exhibited the talents and originalities of Rebels, "Comings and Goings," a series of skits which included a goldfish swallowing contest and a magic act, won the Class of '71 first Place award. Junior Karen Morgan captured second prize with her selection of songs from "The Carpenters." Other features for the evening included a special tribute to band leader, Mr Jack Wonnell."

Senior Guzzlers
Down the hatch, past the gums, look out stomach here it comes! Senior guys fish for laughs.
Steve Jones

"Mr Seymour," teacher of the Freshman's production of "Sesame Street," pounds the fact into Steve Jone's head that bicycles are not allowed in school.

Mary Pomeroy and Diane Langmeyer

Simon and Garfunkle never had it as good as sophomores Mary Pomeroy and Diane Langmeyer.

Sophomore's Cinderella

The Sophomore Class offers the audience their rollicking rendition of "Cinderella"

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This is the electronic version of the 1971 Postscript yearbook from Thornton Fractional South in Lansing, IL

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