1969 TFS Postscript Yearbook p006

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Prom King and Queen and Court: Bob Dwyer, Karen Follmar, Dean Ward, Sharon Brewer, Queen Darlene Lintz, June Jabaay, Tom Kirsch, King Pat McNary, Debbie Cable, Jim Vliek.

Debbie Kazmierowski and escort Lee Fetscher enter the prom.

Dimly lit sidewalk cafes were filled with elegantly attired couples. Soft music floated on a wispy breeze, scented by hundreds of spring flowers. Nearby, couples strolled in front of quaint french shops or danced under a sparkling canopy. King Pat McNary and Queen Darlene Lintz reigned over the fairytale kingdom. Such was "Fleurs de Paris", prom of 1968. The city of Paris was recreated by the class of 1969 under the leadership of prom co-chairmen Linda Illo and Bob Collins. Karen Krygier serves punch to a happy couple.

Caption on p006:
"Fleurs de Paris" est tres bien.

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Bob Dwyer Karen Follmar Dean Ward Sharon Brewer Queen Darlene Lintz June Jabaay Tom Kirsch King Pat McNary Debbie Cable Jim Vilek
Debbie Kazmierowski Lee Fetscher