REAVIS Elementary School 1960 Feeder For Thornton Fractional South


This is Mark's first grade class in Reavis, 1960. Students' names can be seen by hovering your mouse near their face.
Row One: Kenneth ????, Ralph Spargo, unknown boy, Richard Steere.
Row Two: Billy Reid, unknown gal, Marilyn Ditter, Donna Medendorf, unknown boy, Laura Zimmer.
Row Three: Gordon Forsythe, Maris Napoli, Unknown, Unknown, Andy Cartwright.
Row Four: Mark Valco, unknown girl, unknown girl, Philip Newberg?, unknown boy, Kathleen Kennedy.
Row Five (Standing): Unknown boy, Unknown boy, Ken Rahn?, Rich Berglund?, Unknown Girl, Debbie Broaza?, Teacher, Unknown Girl, Unknown Girl, Bill Hohman, Unknown Boy, Unknown Girl, Unknown Girl.

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If you have grade school class pictures that you'd like to share, please email them to Eventually I will tag the photos with names. If you know some of the names, please insert them in the email.

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Mark Valco Kathleen Kennedy? Bill Reed Ralph Spargo Marilyn Ditter Bill Hohman Richard Steere D. Broza? Andy Cartwright Kenneth ?? Gordon Forsythe? Barbara? Maris Napoli? I swear this car drawing is by me but I have no idea how I reached that high on the chalkboard. Could this be Marsha, the girl I kissed after school and who taught me how to skip? Barb Smirnoitis? help1 help2 help3 help4 help5 help6 help7 help8 help9 help10 help11 help12 help13 help14 help15 help16 help17