Terri Elman

I wonder if she remembers...

Terri Elman: Teenager of the Year From Page 137 of the 1971 Yearbook.
   I wonder if Terri Elman remembers meeting me in the checkout line at Convenient Food Mart on Burnham Avenue either late in September or early October, 1972. She had on a large blue coat. I was waiting in line behind her and asked her if she worked at the Sears cafeteria. She said yes. I then asked her if it was true she was voted "Teenager of the Year." She said she was but that she didn't deserve it. I told her she was only being modest. She asked me what school I went to. By this time I had already graduated from South. I told her that I was a year ahead of her. She then asked me if I knew John Fisher and Carol Michalak. Of course I knew them. They were two of the most popular kids in my graduating class. But Terri knew both of them well, apparently. Anyway, by this time it was her turn to pay for her items, and she went out the door. I hurried up and paid for my items and ran out the door looking for her, but there was no sign of her blue coat. That would be the first and the last time I ever talked to Terri Elman, but I did see her once more at Sears: as I was getting my hotdog, she looked at me as if she recognized me but wasn't sure from where. I wanted to ask her out, but I chickened out. I wonder if she even vaguely remembers any of this...

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