Zoom: Varsity Band

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Varsity Band(Right side)
If you have a mouse, wave the cursor just under the chin of each face to see the student's name.
   ROW 1             ROW 2            ROW 3          ROW 4               ROW5            ROW6
Ruth Evert        Gary Dugovich    Tim Keehn     
Sue Seils         Robin Anzelmo    Mark Lisneck    Joan McDonald      Brad Mason        Gary Tempo
Kay Ogawa         Paula Hinds      Larry DeMik     Bill Hastings      Gerrit Hasselbring
Donna Love        Terri Elman      Rod Henle       Tim Kelven         Mike Musial       Paul Hasselbring
Nancy Goranowski  Nancy King       Lydia Jones     Fred Morganthaler  Mike Wallace      Randy Pawlowski
Judy Hargrove     Melanie Frank    Anna Lee        Diane Hansen       John Sterk        Rich Sauer
Diane Miller      Nancy Humphrey   Mr. Wonnel      Ken Siegfreid      Carol Victor      Mark Hasselbring
                                                   Carla Spencer                        Mark Snider

[Note from Mark: If the band member you are looking for is not
pictured on this page, he or she may be on page 60.]