Bill Hastings & Barb Smirniotis

  1971 saw T.F.South entering the satirical insect comedy, "The World We Live in." In the Illinois High School Association competition. After taking first in the Southeast Suburban Conference, the Rebel players captured a second place certificate at the district level. Barb Smirniotis and Ralph Seymour were named to the position of Best Actress and Actor in the Conference.
   During the week of March 9th, the entire cast began a tour of illinois high schools. the players travelled to Ottawa, Princeton, Peoria, and Bradley University for four days of performances, newly made friendships, and personal gratification.

Cast of World We Live In
Carol Haduch & Terry Brown

TOP: Bill Hastings and Barb Smirnoitis in the husband- wife syndrome of the Male and female Beetles, gloat over their pile of fortune.

CENTER: The entire cast of the 1971 contest tour production create insect characterization to emerge in the web of "The World We Live In."

BOTTOM: Iris, the flirtatious female butterfly, played by Carol Haduch, engages in a distracting conversation with the male butterfly, Felix, portayed by Terry Brown.

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