Your yearbook on the Internet

How would you like your yearbook on the internet like mine? (See below). Let me tell you what I do that is different than other yearbook websites. After I scan the pages, I do not just post jpeg files or adobe acrobat files. Instead, I crop each photo individually (except underclassmen mug pages) and retype all the text. I then use notepad to create an HTML file that closely matches the original layout (as much as possible). The advantage to typing out all the text (or running OCR whenever possible), is that your pages become text searchable on all the major internet search engines out there like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
But I do not stop there. I am a glutton for tedium. I also index your yearbook, so that it is easy to find any given student on any pages where he or she may be. The added benefit of this is that these indexed lists are loved by search engines. There's no better way to be listed in the top ten of the Google search lists than to have your name listed like this. One example of such an index is below, but I can also do it like this: Example of Index.
But I do not stop there. In any photo that has more than two people listed, I also tag the photo with each student's name. This makes it easier for visitors to determine the name of each face. The visitor merely has to hover his or her mouse under the chin of the student, and the name will appear. This is a lot easier than trying to match Row 3, 6 from the left, for example. Look at this example of tagging: Tagged names Example.
But I do not stop there. For the senior mug pictures, I will crop those individually and put the students' names and activities (if available) below the photos. Click the "Seniors" link below to see what I mean.
You need not purchase a domain name. I will put your school in its own directory on Let's say your school is Dulles High. It might look like this: http:\\\Dulles. If you desire to purchase your own domain name, you certainly may do so. I can handle this for you, or you can purchase it on your own. If you purchase it on your own, I will send you a CD with all the files that I created. If you want me to handle it, your website will still be under, but visitors can also access it at "" for example. Domain names are usually about $10 a year.
My Fee is listed below:

$10 per page (includes scanning, cropping, creation of HTML File, upto 50 names tagged per page for every known face*)
$15 per senior mug pages (or upperclassmen)
$100 for the hyperlink index ($100 per 1000 names**)

*if a page has more than 50 faces, each additional tag is just 5.
**Additional Indexing is just $1 for every ten names.

If you have questions, please email me at