ZOOM PAGES: 1971 Yearbook

Advance Picture by Picture in Manual Slideshow Fashion

5a Three boys in library
5b Crowd cheering
5c Boy sitting
6a Man on Moon
7a Tim Koselke
7b Lynda Willer
10a Kathy & Mike
10b 1970 Prom Court
11a Don Rieces & Robin Tilges
11b Don & Robin with Ms Bach
11c Bob Collins and Kathy Aloia
12a Linda Franklin & Terry Hektoen
12b Scott Malcom and Miss Frattinger
12c Enchanted Couples
13a Class of 71 Float
13b Tim Koselke Football
14a Carey Poe & Karen Wall
14b Donna Traver Crowning
14c Tim Koselke & Pam Miller
14d Ron Snyder & Debbie Bauer
14e Terry Hektoen & Sue Klucher
14f 1969 & 1970
15a Juniors' Float
15b Seniors Sitting
15c Donna Traver & Terry Hektoen
15d Many Dancing
15e Al Broomhead Football
16a Odd Couple Cast at Poker
16b Bill Hastings & Ron Relic
17a Four Actors
17b Ron Relic & Bill Hastings
17c Bill Hastings, Carol Hadduch, and Martha Berda
17d Ron Relic on phone
17d Bill Hastings sick
18a Bill Hastings and Barb Smirniotis
18b Entire Cast World We Live In
18c Carol Haduch & Terry Brown
19a Ralph Seymour & John Cain
19b Six Female butterflies
19c John Matthews
19d Eight Ant Soldiers
19e Mr Veeder & Mr Phillips
20a Girls Club:Pam Miller & Terri Evans
20b Couples Dancing
20c Dan Johnson and Darlene Clausins
21a Dance: Keith Boardway and Kay Ogawa
21b Three Couples at Prom Table
21c Four Couples Dancing
21d Tom Hedges dancing
22a Follies:Ron Relic at Microphone
22b Chug contest?
22c Cinderella actors
22d Mary Pomeroy & Diane Langmeyer
22e Steve Jones on bike
23a Follies:Barnyard
23b Karen Morgan sings
23c John Nagy and Rick Kuhlman
23d Eight Rebelettes
23e Jane Harvey as bird
23f Ten Actors with Pam Grieve
24a Concert Choir
24b Kay Ogawa leading
24c Advanced Choir
24d Triple Sextette with Donna Traver
24e Linda Eliot
25a Cindy Twardoz on Exchange Day
25b March of Dimes hike
25c Mike Wallace with Principal
25d Janet Tatje leads snake dance
25e Suzy Klucher at Science Assembly
26a Donna Traver at Desk
26b Drivers Ed driver
26c boy reading Aeneid
26d twelve female students in classroom
26e Girl at microphone
26f A burn re-inactment
27a 6 students in classroom
27b Outside crowd in bleechers
27c Boy in chemistry class
27d goirl during headstand
27e Girl playing zylophone
28a TWIRP Folk Dance: Bob Krilich, Tom Maddix, Janet Tatje, Barb Smirniotis, George Glad
28b Rebellettes performing in gym
28c Four boys at North Pep Rally 28d Diane Langmeyer with rebel Flag
28e Five students dancing
29a Carol Michalak collecting money
29b Man looking at ceiling leak
29c Football coaches on sidelines
29d Students pushing car in snow
29e Girl with paste
32a Seniors Service
33a Juniors Service
33b Mike Wallace speaks
34a Girls' Club
34b Donna Traver, Mary Jo Wescott, Sue Kosiara, and Pam Miller
35a Girls' Club Board
35b Girls club at Lions Club
36a Publications:
37a More Publications
37b Terri Ellman and Debbie Sowinski editing
37c Bill Hastings in classroom
38a More Publications: Ron Snyder and John Padgen
38b Mr Hyde with Lynda Willer and John Fisher
38c Mr. Hyde beind camera
38d Carol Michalak, Diane Galanis, and Debbie Sowinski
38e Larry Fields behind Telescopic lens
39a Junior Honor Society
39b Valerie Cragel and Kathy Vargas
40a National Honor Society
40b Lynda Willer,Sue Marstellar, Kay Mote, Marilou Vanlanningham, Rich Gjeldum, Mrs Sotos
41a National Honor Society
41b Carol Michalak and Bruce Miller
42a Speech-Drama-Debate
43a Communication Arts Organization
43b Kunda Kid Stinnet
44a Foreign Languages
45a Language Clubs
46a Career Clubs
47a More Career Clubs
47b Cindy Blan, Carol Michalak, and other girl
48a Special Interests
49a Key Club
50a Vocations:Left Half
51a Vocations:Right Half
50m Vocations: Merged
51b Two 'dummies' in DE case
52a Student Assistants
53a More Student Assistants
54a Music Department:Mr Wonnel directing
54b Darryl Powel
54c Mrs Fukes leads
54d Happy Jack
54e Ten Freshmen Boys in Chorus
55a Girls Freshman Choruses
56a Advanced Girls' Chorus
57a Concert Choir outside by sign
58a Triple Sextette and Meistersingers
59a Meistersingers
59b Christmas Choral
60a Varsity Band
60b Jack Wonnel leads Christmas concert
61a More Varsity Band
61b Varsity Band
62a JV and Cadet Band
62b Susan Trinka, Sharon Miller, and Tony Valade
63a Pom-Pon & Twirlers
63b Performing Dixie
64a Girls Athletics
65a More Girls Athletics
66a Pep Club
67a More Pep Club
68a Lettermen Club
69a Lettermen Club Continued
69b John Fisher,Ron Snyder,Rich Gjeldum,Tim Koselke,Mike Homco, Pete Yackanick
72a Rebel Cheerleaders
72b Kathy Baker
72c Pam Miller
72d Debbie Bauer
73a Sophomore Cheering Squad
73b Mary Pienkowski and Lee Ann Kingdom
73c Pam Miller and Melinda Stinnet
73d Homecoming outside
74a Varsity Football
75a More Big Red
76a Rebel Football in Action:Ron Snyder
76b Jeff Biel in football
76c Varsity Record football
76d Tim Koselke football
76e Wally Emlund
76f Rick Stinson
77a More Varisty Action:Freyman and Sylvester
77b Ken Caddick and Jeff Biel
77c Football:Mark Wojciehowski and Doug Harris
77d Football:Mark Wojciehowski
77e Ted Miles
78a Sophs Sesc Tri Champs
78b Tom Zych
78c Larry Schmitt
78d Ralph Claussen
79a Freshman Football:Greg Knipp and Gary Brumm
79b Mike Skribina
79c Sophomores
79d Danny Stamper and John Nagy
79e Freshman Football Team
80a Varsity Cross Country
80c Jim Stewart jogging
81a Frosh Soph Cross Country: Gary Wiers
81b Larry Mlynarcik
81c Rich Ahlgrain
81d Sophomore Cross Country Team
82a Varsity Basketball
82b Mark Wojciehowski, Steve Shone, Dave Eenigenburg, John Wesctt, Dave Jonkman
82c Steve Shone
83a Basketball action:Mark Wojciehowski
83b Dave Eenigenburg
83c Varsity Record
83d Dave JonkmanTim Koselke
83f Dave Eenigenburg
84a Sophomore Basketball
84b Brian Baldwin and Bill Poltrock
84c Rick Kuhlman
84d John Wescott
85a Freshman Basketball: Coach Anderson
85b John Nagy layup
85c Freshman Basketball team
86a Varsity Wrestling
86b Jim Nelson wrestling
86c Coach Sowinski
87a Wrestling Action: Mike Rubino
87b Rebel Grapplers
87c Wrestling Record
87d Gary Jensen
87e Steve McGilvery
88a Fresh Soph Wrestling Team
88b Freshmen Wrestling team
89a Swimming Conference
89b Terry Hektoen Backstroke
89c Coach Kijewski
90a Swimming Action: Dan Johnson
90b Ralph Flood
90c Tom Sailer or Tom Maddix
90d Swimming Record
90e Freshman Swimming team
91a A Sport For All Seasons: Baseball with Tim Koselke
91b unnamed boy in Football
91c unnamed boy in Track
91d unnamed boys in Westling
92a Varisty Track Team
92b Bob Krilich and George Glad over hurdles
92c Ralph Flood and Rick Stinson pass baton
92d Ron Harrison on Pole Vault
93a More Track: Bob Berumen
93b Keith Boardway
93c Mike Skrbina
93d Bill Albrecht
93e John Padjen,Ron Rnyder,Bill Hohman
94a Frosh-Soph Track
94b Ed Zinke and John Nagy
94c Bob Schaser
94d Jerry Kostelyn
94e Coach Miller
95a Varsity Baseball
95b John Fisher sliding in
95c Rich Parker on infield
96a Baseball Action: John Fisher
96b Jeff Biel pitching
96c Rich Ahlgrain
96d Tim Koselke at bat
97a Sophomore Baseball
97b Tim Keller rounds first base
97c unnamed steals second
98a Frosh Baseball:Gary Brumm at bat
98b Gary Harris walks
98c Freshman Baseball team
99a Golf Team
99b Scott Highland
99c Jim Stewart,Scott Highland, and Mike Hamrock
100a Tennis Team
100b Jeff Todd
100c Vern Werner
100d Paul Rodda
101a Girls' Badminton & Tennis
101b Nine girls
102a Sports Honor Roll: Five Guys
102b Mike Rubino
102c Mark Wojciehowski
102d All Conference:Terry Hektoen,Ralph Flood and Tom Maddix
103a Sports Honors:Dan Johnson
103b Jeff Biel Football
103c John Wollack as Most Valuable Wrestler
103d Keith Boardway record breaker
103e Mike Rubino won conference
116a Faculty in classrooms:Mr Gros
116b The Principal in his office
116c Mr. Mlynarcik
116d Mrs. Fuka
116e Mr. Gros and wife
116f Mr Maxiener with rebels vest
117a State Speech Finals: Kunkas: Sue Klucher,Cindy Twardoz,Ron Relic,Marilou Vanlanningham,Melinda Stinnet
117b Barb Smirnoitis and Bill Hastings
117c Ralph Seymour as Best Actor in SESC
117d On NBC TV
117e Best Serious Spaker: Ron Relic
118a Seven Senior Girls Honored: DAR Good Citizenship
118b Queen of Queens:Donna Traver
118c Voice of Democracy:Marilou VanLanningham
118d Distributive Education scholarship: Felisha Cossler
118e National Merit Schlarship
119a Four Foreign Exchange Students: Joe Schmitz, Diane Galanis, Don Olsen
119b Bill Kottas in Australia
119c Kaoru Ogawa from Japan
119d Band of America with Mayor
119e Alex Meehan
119f Mike Wagner in Japan
124c Freshman Follies
125b Freshman: Boy in Speech Class
126a Freshman: Boy reading Popular Science
127c Freshman: Boy Diving
128a Sophomore Class Officers: John Nagy, Jim Rossman, and Bunny Alexander
135c Sophomores Express Themselves: Lockers in Hallway
136c Juniors Class Officers: President Stu Franzen; Vice President, Debbie Maravilla; and Secretary-Treasurer, Gail Walker.
137c Junior Violent Reaction: Girl in Chemistry class with Goggles
138c Juniors in Courtyard: Cindy Barnes and three others
140c Junior: Unnamed welder
141c Junior: unamed girl on phone
143c Juniors Baldwin and others washing bus
144b Juniors: Boys playing basketball
144c Juniors: unnamed Girl with clackers
145a Debbie Bauer, Secretary; Kathy Kreps, Vice- President; Mike Toepler, Treasurer; and Scott Malcom, President
180a Seniors: OOH AHH Ralph Flood and Tom Maddix
180b Marilou in classroom
180c Donna Traver and Debbie Bauer outside with band
180d wide shot of pep assembly
180e Carol Michalak sitting on teacher's desk
181a Seniors: Bob Krilich and George Glad teaming up
181b Ron Relic and Karen Dremonas
181c 6 seniors in classroom with Jeff Biel and Rick Stinson
181d Rick Parker with tamborine
181e Cindy Twardoz and Cindy Bauer during game
181f Senior Lettermen
183a Seniors: Student resting at desk
183b Drobnak "burns" off some of his excess energy on Marsha Wojciehowski, Mary Sebahar, Renne Walker, and Karen Wall.
183c Sophomores basketball
183d Rebels at North game
183d Two unnamed boys in Chemistry
184a Hallway with Drobnak
184b Karen Morgan at podium
183c Triple Sextette practicing
183d Mr Reifel shoots for hoop
183e In Study Hall
185a Reflections: Carol Michalak and Felisha Cossler
192a Bill Hohman with Discus
192b John Fisher and Jim Stewart
192c Zaborski-Burczyk-Howell
192d Lynda Willer, Ron Relic, Mary Lou VanLaningham
192e Exchange Day
193a Three boys working At Burgers
193b one boy at Burgers
193c Another boy at Burgers
193d Egon Zimmerman and Bill Cwetna sweeping at Burgers
193e Girls at Burgers

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