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From Mark's Diary



How do I remember all the details? The answer is simple: I kept a diary during those years of my life. These are direct excerpts from my diary all about Mary Lee:

07/02/70: I have a great time with Mary Lee at Wright's Barnyard.

07/05/70: I spent some time at the Knights of Columbus Carnival with her.

07/09/70 I suspect that Mary Lee is jealous of my new relationship with Marian but this might be my imagination.

09/25/70: Dan Schaberg sat with Mary Lee at the Candlelight Theater. (He sat with Sandy Powers in 1969). I asked Mary Lee if she liked LOLA, the Kink's song. She says no, and then adds: "You are the type to like Lola."

10/25/70 I talked a lot with Mary Lee at Wright's Barnyard. I think we both had fun.


02/24/72: I see Mary Lee at the Lansing Public library. I'm sure she saw me first, but she ignored me. So I walked over to her desk (where she was sitting with three other girls, all of them cute) and asked her what was new besides her braces. Then I asked her if she got my Christmas Card and she said no. She really didn't get it, or her mother opened it thinking it was for the family. She asked me if I was going to college, and I told her about it in a funny manner. One of her girlfriends was really getting a kick out of me but I cannot see why. So Mary Lee left in about 15 minutes and we said bye.

04/12/72: I see Mary Lee and Adrienne at McDonald's. She came in with about five other girls who had just finished with FOLLIES practice. Adrienne was one of those girls. Glenn talked to Adrienne, but I talked to no one, not even Mary Lee. Heck if I was going to say the first thing to her. I knew she saw me, and I wanted her to say the first thing. And right before she left, she did say the first thing. She said, "Mark." She said it as if she understood why I was ignoring her, waiting for her to say hi first. I turned towards her and she told me that she found the Christmas card I sent her. I said something, and then she left with the rest of the other girls.

06/06/72: I saw Mary Lee playing tennis at the LanOak Park tennis courts with a blond girl. I said a cheerful hello, but since she was with three other girls, she kept her cool and did not act interested. There was this girl with her (blond hair in a shag style) with a body out of this world, and she was very forward. I was in a weird kind of mood (as I often get into) and I asked her seriously for a couple empty cans that were on her side of the fence. She got them for me. I told her I would get them recycled. Then she gave me a couple of glass coke bottles, and I said I'd get the deposit for them. By this time Guy was in a hurry to leave because he did not like this blonde at all. According to him, she's a big mouth, and a teaser. But none the less I was turned on and couldn't quit. I reluctantly started walking away, but the blonde called me and told me to stop, and I waited. She brought me another can and put it in my coat pocket for me. The rest of the guys kept walking. But then she called me to stop once again and ran up to me and gave me another can telling me that her mother also saves cans. i was happy to hear this and started just a little conversation with her and thinking I'd never see her again and what a shame that was.

6/29/72: I go to Sears to get my father a gift(lawn cart). I see Mary Lee but I dodge her. I talk to Rosemary Zitek at Kresge's about Dan Schaberg who now happens to work at Sears.


9/6/73: I had lunch at the Sears cafeteria or the coffee shop. It was not Karen Peterson that waited on me, but I did exchange a few words with her, to the effect that I did not know she still worked there and if she still went to TCC. She is quite a little girl, that Karen. She has always had a place in my heart. I bought a thing of certs for ten cents outside the restaurant, plus I bought 42 worth of peanut butter reece cups. As she was giving me the money for change, I asked her: "That's not Mary Lee over there, is it?" She said that it certainly was, and I said nothing else. I was just amazed at how grown up Mary Lee looked. She had her hair up instead of in a pony tail as I remember her always having it. She also has grown a bit in height which is good. Her sisters are knockouts as well.

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