PLEASE HELP With These Pages From the TFS 1971 Yearbook

Use the comments section for your corrections

Note: I need the help of my visitors with a few pages on this yearbook website that have discrepancies. In the pages below, names are missing. I was hoping you could fill the gaps. Below each photo is a comments section where you can make any corrections. If you are uncertain of your corrections, please put a percentage after it such as "Person in the middle of the third row is John Smith(80%)" Most of these pages are "zoom" pages which allow you to hover your mouse over a face to see who is currently named. If you find any errors with these name assignments, please write to

1>Page 44 - Need names for two girls in row 2 and two girls in row 3
2)Page 66 - Sue Fehlberg is listed twice. Which girl is really Sue, and who is the other girl?
3)Page 67 - One name unknown(#86). Is it Kathy Parry by any chance?
4)Page 90 - Need help matching most of the names in row 1 and 2. One name may be missing from caption.

?) all other pages: 
NOTE: If you notice any spelling errors at all, please don't be afraid to write me
      an email at I strive for accuracy.

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