Frosh-Soph Track
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FROSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM: (Row One:) Ed Zinke, Gary Warfel, Jerry Ganey, Joe Slattery, Randy Grudzuien, Dale Garcia, Ron Schultz, JHuan Salazar, Tom Kilheny, Ken Jazstrab, Greg Bain, Don Koenes. (Row Two:) Coach Dust, Rick Davis, Mark Wallace, Dave Ciunningham, Bernie Hilltrop, Bob Schaser, Mark Peters, Bill Cermonesci, Tasker Brush, Mike Finchum, Sam Rossi, Jim Mendoza, Mike VanMilligan, John Nagy, Coach Wisniewski, Coach Miller.

Coach Miller

CENTER LEFT: Ed Zinke (left) and John Nagy fight for the lead with their opponent in the high hurdles.

CENTER MIDDLE: Bob Schaser pours it on to capture the sophomore mile.

CENTER RIGHT: Jerry Kostelyk leads the pack in the 2-mile event.

BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Miller keeps an eye on his Rebel team.

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