Dan Johnson shows the form in the butterflythat won him Swimmer of the Year.

Ralph Flood gets ready to start his event while climbing up on his block

Tom Sailer prepares to dive into the pool to begin his event.

FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM: (Row One:) N. Altier, R. Richardson, P. Ford, J. Vignone, P. Lapine, B. Carlson, M. Hillegondes. (Row Two:) B. Jersdyh, T. Schultz, Mickey DeMarco, T. Gabriello, B. Cole, Ken Seigfreid, Coach Kijewski. (Row Three:) M. Peters, J. Jenkins, D. Breshoch, D. Krug, R. Sauer, M. Hasselbring, R. Wells. (see students' names merely by waving the mouse near the face)

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