Greg Knipp leads blocking following an interception by No. 12 Gary Brumm.


Halfback Mike Skribina picks up needed yardage on a sweep around end.


Sophomores add another 67 points.


Danny Stamper wraps up a Stagg player as John Nagy gets ready to finish him off.

The Freshman Football Team

FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM (1st ROW) J. Chockly (manager). M. Lerman, S. Brown, J. Shaser, B. Necastro, M. Huizinga, R. Swets, P. Horning, D. Garcia, D. Matz, E. Guth, R. Kehl (manager). (2nd ROW): Coach Cromwell, P. Litwicki, G. Wagh, R. Gram, T. Richardson, T. Toepher, J. Varner, T. Hawthorne, T. Davis, K. Malinski, S. Lmanann, S. Jones, Coach Long. (3rd ROW) S. Paterson, R. Whitehead, J. Beattie, M. Wallace, R. Carr, D. Miller, G. Oppenhuies, P. Dillan, P. King, T. Brown. (TOP ROW): M. Hendon, M. Oswalt, D. Kravitz, J. Molnar, M. Finchman, B. Urtz, C. Larsen, R. Ruthrock, R. Davis, T. Wollack.

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