Lettermen Club
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18. Rob Roy
19. Ralph Flood
20. Dave Tiltges
21. Scott Dugan

22. John Padgen
23. Mike Skrbina
24. Terry Wright
25. Roy Rodriguez

26. Gary Wiers
27. Roger Reese
28. Brad Mason
29. Rich Steere

30. Dave Eenigenberg
31. Wally Lafreniere
32. Jim Paryl
33. Larry Mylnarcik

Officers: Bottom Row: John Fisher, Vice-President; Ron Snyder, Sergeant-at-arms; Rich Gjeldum, Treasurer. Top Row: Pete Yackanich, President; Mike Hornco, Chief Repulsive; Tim Koselke, Secretary.

[Note from Mark: If you don't see the lettermen that you are looking for on this page, he may be pictured on page 68.]

Lettermen Club

    Lettermen Club had a busy '70 -'71 school year. They used club funds to purchase a projector and camera for all of their football and basketball film. The annual; Faculty- Lettermen Game was also held. The Lettermen hold the ropes during varsity games and pep assemblies, and they serve as monitors during assemblies.

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