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    The Rebel of T. F. South are known for their cooperation and helpfulness, and this fact is evident by the number of student assistants in the school. The girls sacrifice their free time to help keep the various offices running smoothly. Running errands and delivering messages, answering phones, typing, and making photocopies are just a few of the useful tasks student assistants perform.

49. Gail Walker (Bookstore)
50. Debbie Rowley (Bookstore)
51. Diane Miller (Nurse's)
52. Kay Mote (Bookstore)
53. Pam Hamilton (Library)
54. Kathy Boyer (Library)
55. Marian Krismanick (Library)
56. Val Zeppi (Library)
57. Jan Flint (P.E.)
58. Mary Lynn Anhalf (P.E.)
59. Lynda Bauer (Nurse's)

60. Debbie Peterson (Nurse's)
61. Jane Newton (Nurse's)
62. Michelle Zaversnik (Library)
63. Nancy La Follette (Library)
64. Barb Russell (Library)
65. Gtetchen Peters (Nurse's)
66. Bonnie McDaniel (P.E.)
67. Carey Halsey (Nurse's)
68. Sue Panger (P.E.)
69. Kathy McHenry (P.E.)
70. Beth Peters (Nurse's)

71. Diane Baricevich (Library)
72. Carrie Stamper (Library)
73. Denise Eckman (Bookstore)
74. Diane (?)
75. Sue Linn (P.E.)
76. Mary Moran (Library)
77. Cindy Kobeszka (P.E.)
78. Terry Glidden (Nurse's-PE)
79. Betsy Rizzo (Library)
80. Nick Ross (Library)
81. Debbie Carey (Library)
82. Sherry Whitehead (Library)

Ann Ambuehl and Joellyn Busich

Sorting attendance cards is just one of the many jobs General Office assistants, Ann Ambuehl and Joellyn Busich, contend with daily.


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