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8. Murray Klebs (D.O.)
9. Bob Ross (D.O.)
10. Dean Johnson (D.O.)
11. Dan Slager (D.O)
12. Jim Vanderbilt (D.O.)
13. Marianne Bilek (O.O)
14. Patti Koleff (O.O)

15. Joan Bailey (O.O)
16. Roberta Sell (D.O-V-Pres)
30. George Hoernig (D.E.)
31. Ron Bertalan (D.E.-V-Pres)
32. Chuck VanHessen (D.O.)
33. Rick Krikshiunas (D.O)
34. Mike Sicich (D.O.)

35. John Scervenyak (D.O.-Pres)
36. Rick Prondzinski (D.O.)
37. Jim Klebs (O.O.)
39. Melanie Grote (O.O.)
40. Rick Perovich (D.O.)
41. Rich Berglund (O.O.)
42. Nicki Wagner (O.O.)


Two "dummies" enhance the D.E. display case.

Distributive Education

Diversified Occupations

    Distributive Education prepares students for careers in marketing and retailing. They work in credit, telephone selling, and as sales clerks. The D.E. Club, DECA, sells blotter ads each year to raise money for community projects, the area and state conferences, and the annual banquet. The coordinator is Mr. Robert Sherman.
    Office Occupations, sponsored by Mr. Hunt, offers students training in office work. Several students are employed at banks, and others serve as receptionists and secretaries. During the year they had a bake sale, attended an area conference and held an employer-employee banquet.
    Diversified Occupations trains students for apprenticed occupations. D.O. students work as cerpenters, medical record technicians, and beauticians. They sold pins to earn money for their club, VICA. The coordinator is Mr. Herb Mansbolt.

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